Specific products for specific projects

Every new product begins in our laboratory with your needs and our expertise. After you have described your application and criteria, we draw on our specialist knowledge and experience to come up with the best possible solution.

The product we develop should satisfy your expectations and needs first of all, but we also subject every new formula we develop to our own exhaustive range of tests. This extensive testing ensures that all products meet - and surpass - both your and our requirements.

After development, products are tested again, this time under actual production conditions in our own printing laboratory and using Flexo and Storck equipment. We also subject new products to extreme weather, water, chemical and abrasion conditions to guarantee their resistance. Doing this means that both you and we can be absolutely sure that products will behave as they should, not just in theory but in actual use. Only products that stand up to our stringent testing standards are offered to our customers.

Finally, after thorough testing, products are released for use in our customers' specific applications, or on to the general market. Constant research and development ensures that we are continually able to produce new products for specialised applications.