Customised UV products

Durable UV systems
UV protection coatings and UV lamination adhesives for long term print protection, as well for digital.

Durable UV primers

UV primer for adhesion and product resistance up-grade 



UV specialties for narrow web and other appliction’s  

Each of our product groups includes specialised products for every application, and we can produce customised products to meet even the most specific needs of our customers. Each product we develop is extensively tested in our laboratories and under actual printing conditions.

Our UV products are solvent-free, highly durable and extremely resistant to weather, water, chemicals and abrasion. Among our specialised products are UV primers and decorative coatings for wallpapers.

UV inks and adhesives

For decorative applications, UV Flexo metallics and UV Flexo colours are UV-curable and resistant under extreme conditions. We produce both UV screen printing inks and UV screen printing specialities and UV Flexo inks.

Besides inks we also produce UV adhesives and adhesive primers. These, too, can be developed according to your specific needs, produced and tested in our laboratories under extreme conditions mimicking actual use.

UV protective coatings

Our UV curable protective coatings provide your products and applications with the highest possible level of protection under extreme conditions of weather, water and chemical exposure.

Squid Inks produces a comprehensive range of resistant coatings, including UV curable protective varnishes and matte varnishes, UV anti slip varnish, UV curable and solvent-based transfer coatings and UV release coatings. We can also formulate a coating to meet your specific requirements under any conditions.

Your needs - our specialized products

Extra resilience under tough conditions
Protective varnishes UV-PROTECT High gloss, long lasting outdoor and mechanical resistance on various substrates
Matte varnishes UVMA Low gloss (0.5GE at 60°) to high gloss plus weather and water resistance
Adhesive power
Primer UVFQ-UVFS Optimal adhesion for every substrate
Total adhesion
Adhesives UVAS UV-curable adhesives
Anti-slip varnish UVAV Objects stay where you put them
Metallic UVFQ UV-curable, high gloss silver for flexo or screen printing
Colours UVFQ highly resistant UV-flexo inks
... UVSG/UVSP multipurpose UV-screen inks
Special effects
Release coating UV-OPV UV-curable release coatings
Transfer coating UVTR UV-curable transfer coatings
Wallcoverings and textiles PS High-solid plastisol solutions for window and textile decoration

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